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Creative Cloth Doll Making
Patti Culea

Exciting new book on cloth dollmaking. Patti has created three new patterns for this book - all the same size so you can mix and match as you like. The book focuses on all kinds of surface embellishment. Dyeing, painting and stamping are in one chapter. Creating new fabrics using free motion machine lace, melting tyvek and diaper liners, burning silk with a heat gun etc are in another chapter. Two other chapters go into beading techniques and fabric collage. Each chapter has a gallery section where other dollmakers have interpreted the patterns and give tips on their work. A definite must for any dollmaker or collector.

$45.00 ($41.00)

Art Dolls - A Collaboration
A special publication celebrating nine dolls and the artists who made them. Each doll is a one-of-a-kind work of art, made by women who participated in an unusual collaboration that spanned 19 months and took the dolls on a journey all over the U.S.
Soft Cover - 178 pages. If you like 'pretty' dolls this book is not for you - but if you are interested in gaining ideas on embellishment and artistic interpretation you will love this. Hundreds of photographs, exerts from the journals and essays by the artists about the joys, challenges and frustrations of working on the project are featured in this special publication.

Belle Armoire Winter 2004 issue
Includes an introduction to silk painting, felted garments, expressions in wire, hand dyed laces and Trims, crocheted beaded bracelets, from buttons to beads and much much more!
$20 ($18)
James Christensen - Foremost Fantasy Artist

Newly released in the New Century Artist Series this is a soft covered book - 79 pages - and is another amazing collection of Christensens work - but more affordable and less expensive to post out.
These paintings are just amazing - if this man made dolls!!!!! 'Inspired by the world's myths, fables and tales of imagination James Christensen paintings relfect his philosophy that 'believing is seeing.' His sometimes 'curious-looking' works of art convey how important our imaginations really are, by inspiring laughter, creativity and wonder. This lively collection of recent, vintage and never-before-published are by Christensen is great to inspire you - or makes an imaginative affordable gift! '

The Art of James Christensen - A Journey of the Imagination
As told by Renwick St James.
$70.00 ($63.60)
'This wonderful hardcover, jacketed book is a must for your inspiration library. Enter the world of the Professor of Imagination. Beneath the fish, costumery and music lies the imagination of James Christensen - the serious thread is the power and importance of imagination, the rest is humor and fun! 'One of my aims as an artist is to provide a point of departure for the viewer's imagination.'. Visually, Journey is chock full of imagery, reproductions of paintings and sketches of all sorts of characters and stuff of imagination.' Over 180 full colour images plus sketches. 180 pages.25cm x 25cm (10" x 10")

Creating With Paint - Sherrill Kahn
Use common materials to create sophisticated art without expensive supplies. Eight projects introduce painting. sponging, rubber-stamping, and resist techniques for paper and fabric

$60.00 ($54.55)

Learn how to use elements of design to enhance your figure's presentation and reflect your own style. Covers everything from pattern drafting and basics to settings, photography, and beyond. Over 300 beautiful color photos of dolls from the world's top doll designers will inspire you. Detailed insturctions and illustrations, plus Susanna's insightful tips accompany each phase of the process.

$66AU ($60)

Another wonderful production from Susanna to help complete the process!!!
Finishing the Figure

CLOTH DOLLMAKING by Antonette Cely

More than just a collection of patterns and instructions, Cloth Dollmaking, is an informative, thought provoking book that will start you on the road to designing and making your own fabulous dolls.

Written for the beginning dollmaker as well as the more experienced, Cloth Dollmaking begins with simple dolls and basic theory, and chapter by chapter, leads you through more and more complex dollmaking techniques until you are able to design and build your own creations with the confidence of a professional.


ANATOMY OF A DOLL by Susanna Oroyon

Packed with an abundance of exquisite photographs that capture the best work from dollmakers today.

Detailed step-by-step illustrations for an incredible variety of cloth dolls are included for you to create any type of cloth doll imaginable. Many methods of doll construction are covered so that the beginner or professional dollmaker have an invaluable reference book.

If you only have one book, this has to be the one!

Soft Cover 144 pages

$59.40 ($54)

DESIGNING THE DOLL by Susanna Oroyon

'from concept to construction'
Advance your dollmaking skills with this in-depth guide! Susanna introduces you to her concept of 'imaginative' engineering with a collection of design directions and technical processes that will help your ideas translate into reality.

A wide variety of construction methods, more than 250 full colour photos of dolls from 130 of the world's top doll artists - over 100 detailed illustrations. An excellent technical resource and reference book.



Here is the product of two decades of dollmaking experience by a professional artist and teacher. The focus is on creating unique dolls from the new polymer and paper clays, especially dolls which combine sculpted clay with cloth bodies. Colour photo's of dolls by more than 60 artists are included


CLOTH DOLLS by Miriam Gourley

This book includes ten doll patterns by different designers as well as general directions about creating cloth dolls
Soft Cover - 158 pages including colour pics

$44 ($40)

LET'S FACE IT by epb

(expanded edition)
This face painting book is a "must have" for every serious dollmaker. In it, elinor states that "the purpose of drawing is to see" - and she proceeds to help you see and observe in order to draw. The book is full of written text that describes the process with drawings to illustrate - these may be traced to get started. Sculpting is included as well as specific heads from many of her dolls.

Soft colour cover with black and white text.


PICK POCKETS by elinor peace bailey

Here she goes again, trying to get people to wear dolls! elinor's small dolls will delight you and gives some new ideas about fashion!!

Soft Cover - black and white text and pictures


PUT-ONS by elinor peace bailey and Sally Lampi

Unique projects for twenty-two different dolls. Complete instructions



Creative dollmaking with simple construction by one of the world's leading dollmakers. 10 different dolls with vivid colour photo's. Includes 'The Dolls Story'

$44 ($40)


Twenty angels of varying sizes and shapes to help guard you, keep you, war within you, decorate your domain and listen to your heart. Tells you about some tricks to help with construction.


SIT DOWN - a chairitable affair - by epb

A4 size book containing patterns for 20 miniature chairs - just for fun!



This book is about finding the key to unlocking creativity. A photo gallery of dolls by many gifted doll artists is included as well as a modular doll challenge. This book is for any serious dollmaker!

$46 ($41.80)


Create magic dolls with the patterns in this book. Step-by-step colour photos illustrate the drawing and sculpting process. It's like being in a class. There are lots of colour pictures of dolls by different artists to inspire your creativity as well as complete patterns of a special modular doll with several mix and match body design variations. This book is a must for every cloth dollmaker or library


WING IT! by Virginia Robertson

Features wings for angels, fairies and other mythical creatures. Techniques, designs and patterns are included with a liberal use of diagrams and illustrations making the process very clear. Some of the techniques that are included are shadow applique, machine applique, wire armatures, fabric painting, and quilting. Several sizes of wing patterns are included for you to use on your own dolls.


CRAZY QUILT DOLL by Virginia Robertson

The doll in this book has five different design options and a good way to use those precious scraps of fabric to crazy quilt. The dolls are 4 cm (2") to 10cm (5") and can be used as wearables or friendship, easy to make and personalise



by Bonnie B Lewis & Mary Ann Kaahanui

Info on making every shoe you would ever want to. A4 size, 8 chapters


by Bonnie B Lewis & Mary Ann Kaahanui

Spiral bound A4 size book of 160 informative pages.
colour cover with B&W pages


15 FAIRIES AND A FISH by Sally Lampi

Contains full-size patterns for nine fairies, six angels and the one fish. Tips on different uses for the dolls, plus a recipe for potpourri to fill the dolls.



A collectors guide - 100's of colour photos and interesting information on cloth dolls and their makers.

160 pages $55.00

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