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When planning your doll, do it the honour of choosing a good quality flesh coloured fabric. Pure cotton certainly paints up the best and gives the best effect for most dolls. You would have seen some delightful dolls - made up so well - but with a body of pale calico or homespun! Humans certainly don't come in these colours - poor pale creatures!!!
You can dye fabric yourself - experiment with proportions until you find a colour to suit. Home dyed fabrics are often a little uneven in colour -so very effective and natural looking! Rit Dye in Tan, Tangerine and Rose Pink - play with different proportions - gives wonderful results. If you make country dolls then the Tan Rit Dye is great - or of course Tea Dye.

Have you tried using Parisienne Essence? Make the doll up - spray with a diluted mix of essence and water and dry in a pillow case in the dryer. The better the quality the homespun used the better is the quality of the final colour. Go easy at first - the essence is very strong. Smells so good!!

All measurements are given in Metric. Please be aware that fabric colours will vary from monitor to monitor, and are intended as a rough guide only. We cannot guarantee that they will be the same colour as shown here

The lycra that Lynne Butcher uses on her dolls - natural flesh colour and high quality fabric. No photo but a neutral flesh that takes colour well.
$28 metre ($7.50 fat quarter)
This fabric certainly the very best quality 100% cotton available and gives you the very best creations. This is the fabric used by Barbara Willis for her dolls.
For some dolls it is a wee bit pink - so dye with a little tea or weak Tan Rit Dye. This is extremely high quality and wonderful to work with.The colour, parfait, is a soft pink - has not scanned true to colour - and is a very even coloured fine woven fabric.
$20.00 ($18.20) metre ($6.00 ($5.45) fat quarter)
Have the Pinker skin colour used by Julie McCullough, and the 'peachy' flesh colour used by Elise Peeples and Jill Maas in stock
$20.00 ($18.20) per metre.


These are great for Patti Culea's dolls or Jackie's frogs!! When the doll is completed, spray lightly with water (so that the dyes will merge) then paint on the dyes, either straight or diluted. Use as many colours and combinations as you wish - experiment!
Once you are happy with the doll, wrap in plastic and leave for 24 hours in a really warm spot, the warmer the better to cure the colours. Unwrap and let her dry. Great for painting on pieces of lace too - lots of colours look great on the one piece - cure the same and then rinse

Starter kit containing six colours,
Tussah Red, Blue, Yellow, Rubine, Sky Blue and Black

All bottles are 100 ml

$34.00 ($31.00)for the kit
Bottles may also be purchased individually
Colours available are:

Yellow, Orange, Gold
Sky Blue, Turquoise, Purple
Red, Scarlet, Rubine, Pink, Brilliant Red
Grey, Black
Beige, Brown
Olive, Green

$7.80 ($7.10) per bottle.

It's getting close to painting the face of your doll - this is often the biggest challenge - especially for dollmakers who are just starting out. Don't be hesitant! Make some spare heads - paint them all and be prepared to throw some away. Once you have gained some confidence it will be easy - and there are many tools to help you on your way.
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updated 7th March 2004