All prices are in Australian dollars I normally send out an order with a docket and cheque payments can be sent on receipt! Easy! Have a look at the wonderful ranges of Australian and US designs - and let me know what you think! Building the site all the time - more pattern ranges to be added!

How can I send my payment?
Payment can be made by cheque, Payment, in Australian dollars, is also available by Visa, Mastercard or bankcard. You can fax your credit card details if you prefer.
How can I contact you?

Our Address is:
Things I Like
RSD 7A Mambray Creek
via Port Pirie
South Australia 5540.

For faxes within Aust. the number is (08) 86346081
How soon does my order go out?
We mail all orders within 4 working days. If you include an email address and phone or fax number, we
will contact you if we are out of stock on that item and give you an estimation of when it is due in.
Does the price include GST or is that extra?
All prices within Australia to Australian residents include GST
How much is postage?
Actual postage and packing is charged on orders - that is to say, we don't have a flat rate - we charge you exactly what the Post Office charges us to send it to you - there is no charge on top.
Australian orders to the value of $50 and over will be registered for a cost of $2 unless the receiver is willing to take the risk if the order is lost.
This cost is additional to the normal postage. Very rarely loose a packet, but you may like to be covered just in case
We re-cycle as much as possible, this saves you packaging costs. It costs $1.00 to post out one to two patterns, depending on the weight. The next rate - for two, up to possibly four patterns - is $1.50. Three or more patterns is $4.50Aust.
Do You Have a Catalogue????
Yes we do! For reasons that are obvious when you receive it - its called "The Big Fat Catalogue" Let me know if you would like a catalogue of designs and supplies. Please do not send any payment as the catalogue is being completely redone and is taking more time than I'd originally planned.
Is there anywhere locally I can see the patterns?'

Am slowly setting up agents throughout Australia and if you live in their area you will be able to see the patterns that they stock. Of course they do not carry the complete range but if they don't have a particular pattern in stock they can order.

To see a full list of current agents, please click the Agents button to the left