Wild Colours, lustrous fibre - unbelievably soft, curly and shiny - great to work with!! Can weft the same as wool or sew on individual lengths. Can be curled or add mousse

Colour chart coming soon!

Aubergine Advocado Azalea Bloodwood
Blueberry Cedar Clematis Coal
Cornflower Currawong Cyclamen Daisy
Desert Pea Fern Hisbiscus Honeycomb
Ice Green Iris Kingfisher Lavender
Lime Logwood Lucerne Madder Orange
Marine Blue Moss Mountain Blue Mulberry
Dark Mushroom Light Mushroom Plum Musk
Natural White Olive Orchid Paw Paw
Primula Pumpkin Raspberry Salmon Gum
Tanbark Tarragon Tomato Violet
Wallaby Watermelon Wattlebark

The following are not solid colours - but mixed shades

15 Mermaids colours- various shades of greens and blues

Antique - just gorgeous! Pot Pourri - Super Yummy!!
Coral Opal
Pearl Shell Golden Peach
Rainforest Sugar 'N' Spice - beautiful!

How do you ever pick a colour from that wonderful range?? 20 gram bags
- enough to do one 18" doll or several pin dolls


All prices are as correct at time of update - but subject to change, current and correct price will be confirmed at time of order


Used by Julie McCullough for Sewphie. 100% Pure Wool, each pack contains 10 yards - which will do Sewphie with some left over! Very effective and can be unravelled for a permanently curled look.

Avail in Black, Burnt Red and Marigold.

Now in bulk. 100% cotton, On the Edge Designs used it on
'Garden Angel and Barbara Willis on 'Goldie'.

Avail in Auburn, Grey, White, Black, Natural, Brown and Blonde.

$6.60 per metre
(minimum cut of 50cms)

This is not the quality of the Lustre Locks, but combs out quite well - and is much less expensive.

100g mixed bag of rainbow colours only

$11 Au

For a little treat these packs contain 26 x 1 metre lengths of different fibres - great for embellishing or hair. So nice to have in the stash to look at!!

$16 a pack

Have you tried these to put hair on?? Lynne Butcher told me about them first and sadly I didn't pay attention! Then I saw Patti Culea stabbing away at her doll's head and was terribly impressed at the effect!

You just lay the fibre you are using across the head of the doll and then push it into the head with the felting needle. It depends on the size of the head and the effect you want, how far you push the hair in - the deeper, the firmer. Work your way over the head - looks so very natural and is really zippy when you have some practice. It will pull out with a really good yank
but is really quite strong. You can loop the fibres and style the hair quite easily - and the hair sits up naturally just as if it had grown there!

Be careful of your fingers though - they are very sharp. I've only used wool and mohair, but some have tried thicker yarns with great success. Give it a try!!

$2 each

'One & Only' Synthetic Hair


Plaited - Sunshine Yellow and Winter White

$5.50 pack

Dark Brown, Autumn Brown, 2 tone Autumn/Strawberry and Black/Grey

$5.50 pack

Cherry Red, Autumn Brown, Sunshine Yellow, 2 tone Black/grey and Brown/Sandy Blonde

$5.50 pack

Dark Brown, Rust and Blonde

$5.50 pack

All prices are as correct at time of update - but subject to change, current and correct price will be confirmed at time of order

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