Gradually increasing the range of magazines available - there aren't really distinct fields anymore - cloth doll magazines appeal to artists across the board and many of the paper/fabric books magazines are just what doll makers are after to learn new techniques for embellishment, accessories etc.
Quilting Arts is a favourite - it appeals to Quilters who enjoy getting off the beaten path a little - but there are also articles for fibre artists in general, beaders, dyers, embroiderers etc etc.
Cloth, Paper Scissors - is shaping up to be a great magazine - cloth and paper are both covered in interesting ways with amazing 'trickery' techniques.
The Somerset Studio magazines (Belle Armoire, Art Doll Quarterly etc.) have come down drastically in price due to the way we now order. Each time an order goes thru the prices may vary a little - I'll keep you in touch and will give the best deals possible.
These two are great magazines and wonderful inspiration for us addicts. If you would like back orders I can get them quickly - but they can be a lot more expensive unless ordered with a bulk dispatch.
If the magazines are listed here they should be in stock. We keep all available in Quilting Arts, Cloth Paper Scissors, Belle Armoire, Art Doll Quarterly - but the other periodic magazines I keep a selection and can obtain back copies without a problem.
Prices stated are current prices and may vary with the dollar, freight etc.
We do the very best possible to keep prices to a minimum.
*This section will be updated soon to add back issues*

Cloth Paper Scissors Cloth, Paper Scissors
Cloth, Paper Scissors is an exciting new quarterly publication, covering all types of fibre arts and collage work including mixed media, assemblage, altered books, art dolls, visual art journals, rubber stamping, creative embroidery and book arts. Geared for the beginner to the advanced art/crafter this magazine will have a playful, positive tone, encouraging both the beginner and seasoned artist to try new techniques and share their work and expertise with a greater audience.
$17.00 including post in Australia. ($13.50 plus postage for overseas - no GST)

Quilting arts
Quilting Arts
$17.00 including post in Australia. ($13.50 plus postage for overseas - no GST)
Quilting Arts Magazine premiered in Jan. 2001, and is a published quarterly. Whether you consider yourself an art quilter, embellished quilter, crazy quilter, wearable art artist, or mixed media artist this magazine will go a long way to meeting your needs. A wide range of skills are covered, including great how-to-do articles with featured guest teachers and artists. Contemporary textile works are explored along with surface design, embellishments and motifs.
Belle Armoire

Belle Armoire

Currently $14.00 ($12.70) per issue - or $13.50 for subscribers
French for "beautiful wardrobe," Belle Armoire® marries fabric arts with rubber stamping and embellishments-showcasing one-of-a-kind, handmade fashions and wearable-art projects. Whether you're an art stamper, embroidery artist, custom jewellery designer, fabric painter or knitting and crochet enthusiast, Belle Armoire® provides the opportunity and inspiration to create fashions that are uniquely you. Released six times each year.
The Autumn 04 issue has been released and our copies are at a freight depot in the US. They cost about $12 each issue that way for postage alone so am trying to sort it out with publisher as they weren't to come that way. Always little glitches!
Back issues
Art Doll Quarterly

Art Doll Quarterly
$25.00 ($22.70) per issue currently -
$23.00 ($20.90) for subscribers.
A quarterly magazine founded in May 2003. The full-colour, 144-page publication is dedicated to art dolls and sculptural figures made from cloth, polymer clay, Creative Paperclay®, wire armatures, mixed media, and much more. In each issue, you will find original doll patterns, creative challenges, doll-artist profiles, convention listings and reviews, book & video reviews, and a 35-page gallery of art dolls made by our readers. Come join the fun! Artists use many techniques and materials to fashion their creations and every issue will bring the latest ideas on..
How to Use dyes, paints and glazes
Natural and manmade cloth and fibres
Surface design and embellishment techniques
Tips on using beads and charms
Photo transfers, paper arts, and art clays
Contemporary needlecrafts, embroidery and quilting techniques
The latest art stamping, stencilling and painting tips
Sewing, gluing, sculpture and other doll making techniques.

Somerset Studio

Somerset Studio
Welcome to a magical place of inspiration where paper crafting, art stamping and the lettering arts are celebrated and brought to an artistic level. Come and learn from fellow artists working with exotic papers, intriguing art stamps and fine calligraphy.