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Felting Needles

Felting needles are handy little tools for attaching hair. The needles are $2.00 each and for quantity orders I add in an extra needle or two.
They are designed to be fitted in to large felting machines but dollmakers have adapted them for their own use! The needles I have in stock at the moment are very sturdy - because we are using them individually they can snap - but these are quite sturdy and have had great reports about how long they last.
Instructions for use are included.
Set of 3 $3.00
the very best! From Piecemakers. Fine
Pack of 10 $4.30
handy to have on hand - for beading too!
Pack of 10 $3.95
FELTING NEEDLES: Very sturdy - great for applying mohair to dolls
$2 each
Speedy Stuffer
Anne Clemens 'Speedy Stuffer' if 25cm long to give stuffing a smoother finish on dolls - the ergonomally designed handle takes the pressure off the hand (great for arthritis sufferers).
The speedy stuffer is designed for you tokeep a continuous stream of fibre going into the doll body which results in the smoother finish we all seek.

Barbara Willis stuffing forks

$25Au each - comes in two sizes (med and mini)
stuffing forks


REMEMBER: always store these pens flat - and never use them over the top of crayon or even slightly damp paint. Take a little care and they will last you forever!

yc pens Y & C FabricMate Marker Pens

Red, Lavender, Aqua, Sky Blue, Lime, Lemon, Brown and Dusty Rose. $5.00

Recommended by epb for face painting.

Fabric Mate markers are fabric dye in a pen - much easier to handle than brushes and paints - no mess, no clean up.
All colours mix well. Use for coloring, dyeing and decorating on all fabrics.

Permanent after drying
For drawing the face outline
We all make that occasional little error!
Permanent, waterproof, quick-drying pigment ink pens for dolls faces and quilters 'Zig' brand.
Size 01: Black, Brown, Yellow, Red, Pink, Violet and Blue
Size 005 and 03: Brown
$5.00 each
Sizes 005, 01, 03, 05, 08

$26.00 Au
'Zig' Textile Markers (Double ended)
Black, Brown, Red, Light Violet, Green Gray, Turquoise Green, Pink, Cobalt Blue and Yellow

Contains brown Y & C 03 permanent pen, 8 Y & C Brush Marker Colour pens, 2 Polymark paints and a brush. Have you watched elinor paint a face? - Magic!

$44 set
Marker pens avail separately

Red, Lavender, Aqua, Sky Blue, Lime, Lemon, Brown and Dusty Rose

Y &C Permanent pen also available
Some prefer to use these for outline facial features as they are thicker and a darker brown than the Zig

$5.50 each

Click for BEROL COLOUR CHART All $1.80 ea
Indigo Blue Violet Process Red
True Blue Violet Blue Mulberry
Aquamarine Black Lime Peel
Copenhagen Blue Tuscan Red Clay Rose
True Green White Pink Rose
Cream Peach Blue Slate
Canary Yellow Yellow Ochre Greyed Lavender
Orange Terracotta Henna
Poppy Red Sienna Brown Warm Grey 70%
Crimson Red Dark Brown Metallic Gold
Carmine Red Dark Umber Hot Pink
Pink Lilac Dark Purple

Set of 24 - $42 Au
Set of 12 - $21 Au


Make life easy on yourself!! with one or two specialist little tools turning doll parts are a whizz!!


'Bow Whips' have been improved in design and are now called 'Turn-it-all'

Set of 3 different sizes for turning all but the tiniest parts.

$18.70 Au

So you want tiny fingers?? Compiled with hints from Patti Culea and Judi Ward - contains brass tools for turning tiny fingers, detailed instructions and materials to make a small hand with wired fingers.

$9 ($8.20 ex GST)

Once you have turned your doll, run the timber dowelling from your turning tool set inside the seams to straighten and open out the seams. Now your are ready to stuff!!! Different people prefer different types of stuffing - some like a lot of bounce - others like a softer fill. Some stuff really firm - but when first starting to make dolls, it is easy to stuff too lightly. Give the poor girl some body - some say the feel of a ripe peach - or until she feels 'natural' to you. Soft stuffing seems to go even limper in time and spoils the quality of a doll


Barbara Willis has designed a wonderful pair of stuffing tools!
There is a notch in the end of each tool that is used to wind fiberfill around the end like cotton candy. For fingers place the tube of fill into the finger and pull the tool out while holding onto the stuffed area. The entire area is tightly filled in one step. The mini size is for tiny areas and fingers.

$25 Au each

Available in three sizes these clamps are just the handiest little tools!! Great for helping to turn tiny hands - or pulling through any stubborn parts. Also handy to grip the needle when it is being stubborn and won't pull through. The ends of the smaller clamps are great for poking fingers out without piecing a hole. The larger size is great for stuffing - so quick when doing the bulk of the body and stuffing forks aren't necessary. Lynne Butcher loves her large pair - into the bag of stuffing and into the doll - all done with the hemostats!

9cm (3.5") $9.35
13cm (5") $11 Au
25cm (10") $25.00 Au